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Tesla's mission statement is "To accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy." And Tesla's vision is "To lead the global transition to electric vehicles and build the most compelling automotive company of the 21st century."

Since its founding in 2003, Tesla has been a driving force in the automotive industry revolution with its focus on providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable electric vehicles.

Tesla's mission and vision statements have laid the foundation for its strategy to transition to electric vehicles, and these ambitions have expanded rapidly across its various businesses, making it one of the leading automotive manufacturers today.

Such success was further publicized in 2018 when Tesla achieved the number one spot in global plug-in passenger vehicle sales. This has become a major source of continued motivation for both established manufacturers and startups.

Tesla's corporate vision statement includes an aspiration to be a pioneer in converting other automotive manufacturers to electric models. Tesla's mission statement provides insight into what methods management utilizes to achieve this goal and clearly demonstrates that Tesla is dedicated to continuously improving its business performance and brand image.

To meet its generous ambitions, Tesla has implemented key values ​​that guide all internal activities and drive it to achieve both its mission and vision statements.

Tesla's Mission Statement

Tesla's mission is "Accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy". This mission reflects Tesla's intention to help drive the global change in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

As technological developments allow access to more efficient and effective renewable energy sources, Tesla has responded by expanding its reach beyond electric vehicles to solar energy production, battery storage and other related technologies. This broad approach recognizes that innovations in the field of sustainable energy technology can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a healthier planet.

This new mission statement was implemented under the leadership of CEO Iron Musk to better reflect the company's current strategic direction. Previously, Tesla's corporate mission was "Accelerate the world's transition to sustainable transportation".

"While electric vehicle production remains one of Tesla's key competencies, going forward the company will no longer focus on this. Instead, this new phrase more accurately describes Tesla's key goal: to accelerate the global transition to solutions that aim for sustainability on many fronts."


Tesla understands that it cannot achieve its mission of accelerating the adoption of sustainable energy solutions without creating innovative and efficient products. To this end, Tesla has developed a variety of advanced technologies to further develop its vehicles and achieve revolutionary advancements. 

This includes Autopilot functionality, which provides semi-autonomous driving capabilities, and a unique battery management system that maximises battery life and reduces waste.

In addition to these developments, Tesla is committed to improving charging infrastructure around the world, making Superchargers available in convenient locations around the world.

Tesla's developments will also be applied to other areas outside the automotive industry, such as residential and large-scale commercial energy storage systems. Tesla aims to develop the industry beyond just cars to larger, sustainable products so that everyone can benefit from this transition.

In so doing, it demonstrates its intention to accelerate green lifestyles across society and inspire other companies to continue their journey towards sustainability transformation in all commercial markets.

Global Switching

Tesla's corporate vision statement speaks of a global transition, with its strategy of providing energy-efficient products and solutions to a wider customer base. Tesla is committed to helping change the way people consume energy by creating clean energy alternatives and increasing their availability in different parts of the world.

Tesla is committed to developing innovative technologies that can be used to produce sustainable electricity while reducing carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with integrated solutions to safely and efficiently power their homes and electric vehicles.

Tesla is also working to reduce society's reliance on fossil fuels: if successful, this project could eliminate the need for thousands of oil wells, coal power plants, gas rigs, refineries, and the infrastructure associated with other existing fuel sources.  

This would have a huge impact on human health worldwide as well as climate change by removing dangerous pollutants from the atmosphere, and it would also serve economic purposes by lowering energy prices for both consumers and businesses around the world.

Sustainable Energy

Tesla has made sustainable energy a key element of its mission statement, which states it will do its best to "accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy." This suggests that Tesla plans to expand beyond electric vehicles and related products into renewable energy sources such as solar power.

This marks a departure from the previous mission statement's emphasis on simply "sustainable transportation" and an evolution towards meeting the increasing demands of sustainability-conscious consumers and public stakeholders concerned with environmental conservation.

By focusing its mission statement on sustainable energy, Tesla is signaling its intention to address stakeholder concerns and position itself for potential business expansion opportunities.

Many countries currently rely heavily on fossil fuels for electricity production, so investing in efficient, renewable energy sources can help significantly reduce emissions over time.

By discovering new ways to use sustainable energy sources, Tesla can encourage better stewardship of the environment.















これらの目標に基づき、テスラは市場リーダーとしての地位を強化する画期的な製品の開発に多大な努力を払っています。これまでの成功は、この目標を達成するためのテスラの献身を証明することで、セミトラック、太陽光屋根タイル、電気高級車モデル(モデルS、3、 X、Y)など、いくつかの革新的なモデルを発売しました。














The idea of ​​doing the best is reflected in Tesla's commitment to high quality performance that has led the company to develop technologically, emphasizing employees to push themselves to achieve goals while at the same time taking calculated risks to drive innovation.

Respect is another core value that Tesla recognizes as essential to the corporate environment, understanding that it not only fosters solidarity among different members, but also fosters collective learning by creating an atmosphere conducive to the exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing.

Constant learning goes hand in hand with mutual respect among Tesla employees and encourages creativity by team members sharing new ideas that can lead to the growth of the company. This ultimately allows people who work at Tesla to be better equipped in solving the challenges they face in any given job or professional role.

Environmental awareness is a key value encouraged within the organization and employees are encouraged to pay attention to the conservation of natural resources and to guide their decisions towards sustainability goals set out in global treaties such as the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These values ​​encourage business decisions to attempt to balance economic goals with environmentally related social impact objectives, rather than simply focusing on achieving profitability.


Tesla has implemented an ambitious mission and vision statement that highlights its dedication to leading the transition to electric vehicles, and has created core values ​​that guide its internal operations and go above and beyond to ensure its success.

The implementation of advanced technology, innovative vehicle production, and building strong customer relationships have enabled Tesla to be internationally recognized as one of the leading automobile manufacturers today.

Tesla is poised to achieve greater success in its journey into the future of electric power revolution by continually striving to maintain excellence in all areas related to its mission and vision statements.